Group Ahura of 1391 officially under different names, such as owner, employer, supervisor and contractor, feet in the field of construction activities of the institution and because of the internal organs of the company and the board, experts highly educated civil presence, and that the company in this way, high-speed growth and success of its own. Including skills development of the company as follows:

  • To do all of the surveys – separate and implementation.
  • Architectural and structural design consultancy and implementation plan.
  • Monitoring and strict implementation step by step from beginning to end.
  • Contracting and contract management.
  • Investor and civic participation.

It is also noted that some development projects:

  • A variety of industrial ponds with a depth of over 12 meters in agricultural areas and Tehran Damavand city.
  • Run cold water villas in the city of Tehran.
  • Implementation of infrastructure projects and construction of swimming pools, saunas and Jacuzzi in water of Tehran Province.
  • Supervision, contract management, Mshavrkt and implementation of development projects in urban areas extensively regions 1, 2 and 4 in Tehran.
  • Villa planning and implementation of several investment projects in the coastal areas of Tehran province and Lavasan.
  • And a variety of other small projects such as a breakdown and context of settlements and streets and bridges and ….

Civil Ahura proud to announce that in addition to accepting a variety of projects such as construction contracts, foundation, design, supervision and execution as an investor and investee is ready to participate in a variety of development projects.

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One seed from the past and the legacy we, by the grace of God, wisdom and determination of mass in the soil planted and the seal of divine mercy, it was revealed and freshness with the promise of a life of faith brought a deep look and This is all thanks to God and stop ……