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Business Group Ahura since 1388 (AD should also be noted) as a technical measure to massive imports of luxury cars outside, such as Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and Lexus, and next to it the production of horticultural crops such as apples and oranges, and crops such as rice was busy. In 1391 by participation in construction projects of virtually addition to the activities in the field of car imports and agricultural products Foot in the field of development are laid and because the member companies specialized in the field of activity of the left have, at any What all the more significant in the context of their own. In 1394 the official registration of the company as an investor in several areas of different investments were made, including the ability to import engine oil foreign imports of raw materials for food manufacturing plants, investment in the industrial sector, manufacturing cosmetics, investment grade securities and stock purchase several pharmaceutical companies and export of medicines and Iranian goods to neighboring countries and different sectors of tourism such as hotels, restaurants and different airline is working.


Address: Tehran, Iran Army, Street Boston Street Bidestan I, No. 1, unit 3

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One seed from the past and the legacy we, by the grace of God, wisdom and determination of mass in the soil planted and the seal of divine mercy, it was revealed and freshness with the promise of a life of faith brought a deep look and This is all thanks to God and stop ……